Business Asset Protection


Reducing Self Employment Tax With LLC Taxed as Partnership

Reduction of employment taxes is part of asset protection planning involving limited liability companies. An LLC may elect to be treated for income tax purposes as either a partnership or a Subchapter S corporation. Advisors typically suggest taxation as an S corporation in order to minimize the amount of LLC…

Can an LLC Have a Second Member Without the Right to Profit Distribution?

A creditor’s collection against a debtor’s membership interest in a limited liability company is limited to a charging lien against the debtor’s “transferable interest.” A transferable interest makes the member eligible to receive LLC distributions. The Florida Statutes state that the charging lien is the creditor exclusive remedy against a…

Piercing the Corporate Veil in Florida

Piercing the corporate veil refers to the creditor tactic where a creditor with a judgment against a business pierces the corporation and transfers the judgment to the individual owners. Many business owners are worried that their creditors will pierce the corporate veil, putting their family’s assets at risk. One of the…


Fishermen Exempt From Wage Garnishment: Federal Law

Federal law wage garnishment rules are different than Florida’s rules and exemptions from wage garnishment. For instance, federal law permits garnishment of 15% of net wages without regard to any state exemptions. I just learned about a federal wage garnishment exemption I had never before encountered in asset protection work….

Sole Proprietorship Advantages For One-Owner Businesses and Professions

Most one person professional business- such as attorneys or physicians- operate as a legal entity (P.A. or L.C.) . The professional is an employee who receives from the business a combination of salary and profit distributions. This business arrangement has tax advantages because it can reduce employment taxation, but it…

Fraudulent Transfer From Debtor Company To Newly Formed Entity In Same Business

Asset protection clients often deal with judgments against both themselves individually and their closely held business. Many of my clients believe that they can deal with their businesses’ liability and potential judgment by closing or bankrupting their business. When I asked them how they plan to make a living after…

Fraudulent Transfer By Failing Business To Owners Or Their Family Member Creditors

When a small family business encounters business problems they do everything they can to preserve money. One of the first steps usually is reducing or deferring salary payable to the owners. Some businesses borrow money from other family members to pay bills.