Homestead Exemption

Minor Children Win Homestead Exemption For Non-Resident Parents

People who are not permanent U.S. residents cannot claim Florida homestead exemption. Citizens of other countries residing in Florida need at least a “green card” in order to qualify for homestead protection. Does it make any difference if the foreign residents live in the house with dependents who are legal U.S. citizens?

How to Move From One Florida Homestead to New Protected House

Often, people with judgments entered against them want to sell their home and move to a different home in Florida. They are concerned whether they can buy a Florida  homestead and receive proceeds from the sale of their existing homestead without subjecting either the new property or the homestead sale…

Homestead Exemption While Working In Another State

I received another homestead inquiry this past week from someone who caller owned a primary residence in Florida and is temporarily moving out of state. This caller is  a self-employed technology consultant to large businesses. He  incurred a money judgment from a failed business deal. He has a long-term consulting…