Judgment Collection

Asset Freezes — When Court Can Freeze Defendant’s Assets During Litigation And Prior To Final Judgment

Debtors fear court imposed asset freezes prior to judgment. If a creditor can convince a court to freeze a debtor’s assets after the creditor files a lawsuit but before the cases is decided and judgment is entered the debtor cannot engage in further asset protection planning. For instance, a court…

Your Professional Corporation At Risk: How One Creditor Attorney Attacks The P.A.

A judgment creditor can levy upon a debtor’s stock in a corporation. After gaining possession of the stock the creditor can take all the assets of the corporation, such as bank accounts and accounts receivable, and the creditor can close the corporate business.

Garishment: What To Do If Your Bank Account Is Improperly Garnished

I get frequent calls from people whose checking accounts have been improperly garnished by creditors. Sometimes a individual debtor has an account owned jointly with his spouse as tenants by entireties which account is exempt from creditors of either individual spouse. In other cases, a caller states that the account…