Domestic Checking Accounts For Nevis LLC

Some of my clients who formed Nevis limited liability companies report difficulty opening bank accounts at their local banks in the name of their LLC. The bankers stated that they are reluctant to open an account for a foreign entity because of “9/11 issues.” Clients have encountered problems opening accounts for their Nevis LLCs even at banks where the client has a long standing banking relationship.

Some things make it easier to open domestic financial accounts for a Nevis LLC. First, try not to emphasize the foreign situs of the LLC. It is simpler to request an account for a new LLC of unspecified location than it is to approach the banker about a Nevis LLC. Few bank clerks have ever heard of Nevis. Second, obtaining a federal tax number for the LLC should facilitate opening a financial account. Single member Nevis LLCs are disregarded for federal tax purposes so long as you elect disregarded status by filing IRS form 8832. Disregarded entities do not need a federal tax number, but they may elect to apply for a tax number. Having a tax number does not mean the Nevis LLC has to file a federal tax return, but banks will find it easier to open an account for a new business which has its own tax number.

I understand that Bank of America , Wachovia Bank, and CNL Bank all accommodate Nevis LLC checking accounts. CNL is a small bank in the Orlando, Florida area- you should asks to speak with their international specialists at their Winter Park office.

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