Is Florida Head Of Household Protected Against Wage Garnishment Served Upon Georgia Employer?

I received an interesting email question about wage garnishment issued outside of Florida against a Florida resident. The questioner resides in Florida and works for a Georgia company at its Florida office. The questioner has a civil judgment entered against him in Florida. The questioner’s pay check is issued by the employer’s payroll office located in Georgia. He is married and is head of household under Florida law. He asks whether his wages would be garnished if the creditor domesticates the judgment in Georgia and serves a writ of garnishment against his employer at the Georgia headquarters.

This debtor is entitled to Florida’s exemption against wage garnishment as long as he permanently resides in Florida. If the employer has a Florida office, which question implies it does, then the creditor will cause the Florida court which issued the judgment to serve the employer at its Florida office. A Florida court should dissolve the garnishment. If the employer did not have a Florida office then the creditor might transfer the judgment to Georgia and serve the writ in Georgia. The debtor could assert his Florida exemption in a Georgia court.

The debtor’s wage garnishment protection is determined by his residence and not where the creditor serves the writ of garnishment on the employer.

Last updated on May 22, 2020

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