Protect your assets with an offshore trust

An offshore trust provides the highest level of asset protection, removes assets from oversight of state courts, and allows you to distribute your assets upon death without probate.

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How an Offshore Trust Works

To create an offshore trust, a person must (1) select an appropriate jurisdiction, (2) hire a trustee company, (3) complete due diligence with the trustee, (4) draft the trust document, and (5) transfer assets to the trust. Once the trust is established, any assets transferred to the trust will be protected from almost all creditors.

Protect your assets offshore.

Offshore trusts are among the most powerful tools to protect assets from creditors and domestic judgments. U.S. private creditors rarely have the resources or desire to chase a judgment debtor’s assets outside of U.S. jurisdiction. Few collection attorneys know how to initiate collection proceedings against offshore trusts.

Offshore trust

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Gideon Alper

Gideon is an expert in offshore trust planning and has advised hundreds of clients on asset protection strategies.
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Jon is a nationally recognized expert in international asset protection and estate planning.

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