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Creating an Offshore Trust

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An offshore trust can protect your assets by placing them under the control of a trustee in a foreign jurisdiction that does not recognize judgments entered in the United States.

We charge a base fee of $15,000 to set up an offshore trust. Additional customizations sometimes increase the cost.

We only work with longstanding trustee companies that meet all of the legal requirements to be registered trust companies in the Cook Islands. These requirements include minimum capital and ensure the trust assets are professionally managed.

The offshore trust companies we work with carry professional indemnity insurance for over $5 million per claim. The insurance policies are underwritten by Lloyds in the UK.

The best trustee companies have internal procedures preventing employees from withdrawing trust funds. The transactions must be approved by a trustee company attorney who reviewed the request. If there are any requests to pay a third party, these transactions receive extra scrutiny.

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