Commercial Eviction

We are Orlando commercial eviction attorneys that help landlords evict problem tenants in commercial property in the greater Orlando area. The most common problem our clients have is with tenants that are not paying rent. If you’d like help with the eviction process, contact us here or call (407) 444-0404.

Commercial Eviction Steps in Orlando

1. The 3-Day Notice. The owner or management company delivers a 3-day notice to the commercial tenant to pay rent or vacate. Many of our clients have a standard 3-day notice form, but we help draft a notice if requested.

2. File the Complaint. If the tenant does not respond to the 3-day notice, then the next step is to proceed with the commercial eviction by filing a complaint. The complaint will often include a count for damages, which is how you can recover past rent owed.

3. Serve the Tenant. Once the Court issues the summons, we cause the tenant to be served with the eviction lawsuit.

4. Motion for Default Judgment. If the tenant does not legally respond to the eviction complaint, we file a motion for default judgment.

5. Writ of Possession. With a writ of possession, the sheriff, if necessary, will remove the commercial tenant from your property.

How long does a commercial eviction take in Orlando?

At best, about 4-5 weeks. Longer if the tenant challenges the eviction in court.

What does the commercial eviction cost?

For an uncontested commercial eviction in Orlando, our office charges a flat rate that includes the legal fee and all related costs.

Keep in mind you may be able to recover court costs and your attorney’s fees from the tenant.

Understand that our office is unique: you will always be able to speak with your attorney personally by phone, even without an appointment. Because our firm is not a volume practice with dozens and dozens of eviction cases at once, we give each of our clients focused and personal attention and are able to process the evictions as quick as is legally possible.

What to Do Next

We represent landlords through the entire eviction court process, from the initial notice through the final writ of possession.
Contact us to get started through our contact page or by calling our office at (407) 444-0404.
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