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The first step to handle a pending garnishment is to have a discussion with an attorney. In our initial appointment, here’s what we’ll do:
1) Go over the status of the current legal case, the garnishment, and required notices.
2) Review garnishment court filings to determine if the judgment creditor followed correct procedures.
3) Review your financial information to determine if you have the right to claim any exemptions.

We will then discuss step-by-step how you can handle the garnishment on your own based on the above discussion without having to hire an attorney for representation. We’ll also talk about whether it makes sense to hire an attorney to represent you and handle those tasks for you. Finally, we’ll discuss other possible outcomes of the cases, including how to settle the overall debt if that is something you are interested in.

The overall purpose of the appointment is for you to understand what your rights are regarding the garnishment, explain what has happened so far and what is going to happen for the remainder of the garnishment procedure, and to determine what exactly you should do. Our clients typically come away with a plan of action, whether for steps they will undertake on their own or with an attorney.

The sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes at the attorney’s hourly rate of $400 per hour ($200 for 30 minutes)

Sessions are available in our Orlando offices or by phone.

While many appointments finish within 30 minutes, clients with more complex issues may take longer. After the first 30 minutes, you will be billed in 15 minute increments at the above hourly rate. You are welcome to end the session any time after the first 30 minutes.

How to Make an Appointment

Select a time and attorney below to schedule your appointment. If you do not see a time that works for you, call our office at (407) 444-0404—we may be able to fit you in somewhere else. You can also call or email us to learn more about our services before scheduling.

New client appointments are governed by our Legal Services Agreement that you must accept after selecting your time.

Your appointment with the attorney is confidential and subject to the attorney-client privilege.

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