The “Do It Yourself” Florida LLC Operating Agreement No Longer Provides Asset Protection

Using a Florida limited liability company as an asset protection tool used to be relatively easy. Attorneys understood that a creditor’s sole remedy against a debtor’s interest in a Florida LLC, especially multi-member LLCs, was a charging lien.The charging lien gave the creditor restrictive and impractical tools to capture money from the debtor’s LLC interest. No more. The Florida Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision last month seems to give creditors the right to use any and all collection tools, not just the charging lien, to go after a debtor’s membership interests.

The next line of asset protection defense is the LLC operating agreement. Contractual provisions in the LLC operating agreement can minimize a creditor’s power to compel LLC distributions or liquidate LLC assets. Effective asset protection language is not in “off the shelf” or standard LLC operating agreements.

Prior to the Olmstead ruling a small business owner might get by with a “do it yourself” LLC. The owner could create an LLC online and buy a standard operating agreement online from any of the many sites that market legal forms. Once you realized the LLC was the preferred asset protection business structure a competent business owner could achieve good asset protection with the “do it yourself” Florida LLC. Not any longer. Do it yourself may work at Home Depot, but it won’t protect your Florida LLC from judgment creditors.

LLC owners concerned about asset protection are going to have to do something. There are many asset protection alternatives to the basic LLC structure. The simplest and cheapest next step – not necessarily the best or the most effective step- is to have an attorney customize your LLC operating agreement with provisions that will weaken and deter your prospective creditors. Yes, it may cost money. But, these things can happen whenever the Florida Supreme Court is in session.

About the Author

Jon Alper is an expert in asset protection planning for individuals and small businesses.

Jon Alper

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