Based in Orlando, Florida, our primary practice is asset protection, although we also help clients with garnishments, bankruptcy, real estate, and family law.

Our law practice is unique. In 1991, Jon Alper built a small building next to his home in Orlando, Florida, which is now used exclusively as our law office. We don’t wear a suit and tie to work, and Jon doesn’t even have to commute.

Our staff includes our paralegal, Jackie Royal, and the office dog, Tanqueray. Jackie has over 30 years experience as a paralegal and has worked at Alper Law for over 14 years. Tanqueray has been with the firm since 2010.

Jon and Gideon together have over 30 years of experience advising people about Florida asset protection, debt defense, bankruptcy, and family law.

I cannot express how appreciative I am for Mr. Alper and the service he provided. He was clear, concise and always responded with three options. It was awesome to have someone that was genuine and not “commercialized.”Rebecca │ Jacksonville, FL
Colorful personality; great advice. Really appreciated his solid counsel in time of need.Richard | Orlando, FL
Great experience working with him. He gave me excellent financial advise and I couldn’t imagine going to another attorney for advice.Sumanth | Orlando, FL

What to Do Next

Contact us to learn more about our asset protection, debt defense, eviction, and family law services.
You can reach our attorneys through our contact page or by calling our office at (407) 444-0404.