About Jon Alper

Jon Alper is a nationally recognized expert in Florida asset protection and related areas such as bankruptcy, business planning, and estate planning. He’s been practicing law for almost 50 years and has helped thousands of clients with asset protection planning. Most of his clients are concerned about problems with their creditors, potential lawsuits, frivolous claims, or how an arbitrary judge or jury could damage their family’s future.

Jon is not engaged in any business other than being a lawyer. He does not sell investments or insurance. He does not sell books and tapes. He does not promote seminars to sell packaged asset protection programs. His primary reward is his clients’ appreciation and satisfaction.

Outside of the office, Jon enjoys adventurous travel worldwide and alpine skiing in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City. He’s also a PSIA-certified ski instructor.

Jon Alper

Practice Areas

  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Offshore Trusts
  • Business Structures


  • Northwestern University, BA
  • Harvard University, MA
  • University of Florida, JD (with honors)

Media Recognition

  • Daily Business Review. Quoted as an authority in an article about the Florida homestead.
  • New York Times. Quoted as expert in Florida homestead law.
  • Bloomberg: Provided legal background and quotes for article on investing fraud proceeds in Florida homestead.
  • Christian Science Monitor: Interviewed, photographed, and quoted in article on moral issues in bankruptcy.
  • Dateline NBC: Provided legal background about Florida homestead and salary protection for Dateline interview with O.J. Simpson.
  • Florida Bar’s “Across The Bar”: Featured in article about Florida legal blogs.
  • Florida Trend Magazine: Article describes Florida Asset Protection Blog and Florida Bankruptcy Law Blog as examples well-done and impressive legal blogs.
  • Jacksonville Business Journal: quoted in article about fraudulent conveyance law as it relates to asset protection planning.
  • Lawyers USA: Quoted as asset protection expert in article about the effect of the 2005 bankruptcy law on asset protection planning.
  • Lawyers USA: Quoted as expert in estate planning and Florida asset protection in article titled “The Florida Boom” about people moving to Florida for estate planning and asset protection.
  • Lawyers USA: Quoted in article about asset protection benefits of Nevada law providing for new entities known as Nevada Restricted LLC and Restricted limited partnerships.
  • New York Times: Quoted as an authority on Florida asset protection law in an article on Florida homestead exemption.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Referred to as asset protection expert in article about investment of workers compensation award.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Quoted as bankruptcy law authority in an article about the effect of the new bankruptcy law on Florida homestead and asset protection planning.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Quoted as bankruptcy law expert in an article about people who are rushing to file bankruptcy before the new bankruptcy law goes into effect.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Quoted as bankruptcy expert in article on government report about all-time high consumer bankruptcy filings.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Quoted in article about Florida as debtors’ haven.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Quoted as legal expert in article about trends in bankruptcy filings after the new bankruptcy law.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Quoted as bankruptcy expert in front page lead article titled, “Perfect storm of debt puts Floridians in bankruptcy.”
  • Orlando Sentinel: Quoted in article about debtor’s using income tax refunds to pay their bankruptcy attorney’s fees.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Explanation of homestead protection quoted in article about CEO of bankruptcy technology company.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Featured source in front page article about trends in Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Featured in front page article about investors trying to get rich on risky currency investments.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Quoted as bankruptcy attorney discussing decreasing number of bankruptcy filings in Orlando.
  • Palm Beach News: Interviewed and quoted in article about companies purchasing mortgage deficiency claims.
  • Palm Beach Post: Quoted in article about homestead protection for Ruth Madoff’s Florida property.
  • Realtor.com: Quoted as an authority on homestead exemption law.
  • Sarasota Herald Tribune: cited as asset protection law expert in article pertaining to Florida’s homestead exemption.
  • Sarasota Herald Tribune: Quoted as expert in newspaper’s analysis of Florida bankruptcy law.
  • Wall Street Journal: Quoted as authority on recent changes to bankruptcy procedures regarding student loan debt.
  • Washington Post: Quoted as a bankruptcy law expert in a nationally syndicated column by Michelle Singletary on liability for authorized credit card users.


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Speaking Engagements

  • Wealth Protection Ethics & Liability: The Bar, the Client, and Third Parties | May 13, 2005
  • Asset Protection When the Wolf is at Your Door | May 13, 2011
  • Where Does Florida Law Stand on Fraudulent Transfers? | May 16, 2003
  • Case Law Update: Seargent and Barber | May 7, 2015

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