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Court Says a Temporary Trailer Qualifies for Homestead Protection

People facing a civil judgment often try to protect non-exempt cash by investing it in a Florida homestead. Some debtors seek advantage of the unlimited value of Florida’s Constitutional homestead exemption by buying a new, expensive parcel of raw land and immediately converting the new property to a protected homestead….

Homestead Protection Can Apply When Family Member Lives in the Home

The Florida Constitution protects a person’s homestead from forced levy or sale by judgment creditors. The protection applies if the home is occupied by either the judgment debtor or the debtor’s family. In other words, a judgment debtor can exempt from forced sale any residence in Florida in which a…

How To Protect Your Assets If You Cannot Pay a Business Debt

If a business is facing financial difficulty, the business owner is usually concerned about what will happen to the business assets and their personal assets if the business can’t pay its lenders. The inability to service business debts likely will cause a default under the terms of the business debt…