Adoptions in Florida are governed by Chapter 63 of the Florida Statutes. The law allows an adult to become the legal parent of another person (usually a minor). Through the adoption, the parental rights of the current legal parent are sometimes terminated. All adoptions must be finalized by a Court.

The type of adoption depends on the person or people adopting, the person being adopted, and the relationship among them. We help people with stepparent adoptions, relative and grandparent adoptions, and adoptions for same-sex couples.

Learn More About:

Stepparent Adoption: A stepparent adoption is when one person adopts the child of his or her spouse. Learn more about the procedures and costs of a stepparent adoption.

Relative Adoption: In Florida, relatives have access to a streamlined and cheaper form of adoption. Most often this is when a grandparent wants to adopt a grandchild.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption: Same-sex couples have historically faced unique legal challenges when wanting to both become the parents of their child. Learn more about the up-to-date methods used by same-sex couples in becoming legal parents.

Readoption: A Florida readoption, otherwise known as Florida recognition of foreign adoption, is usually the last legal step on your adoption journey when adopting internationally.

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We help families through the entire adoption process, including all court documents, the court hearing before the judge, and obtaining a new birth certificate.
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