We file bankruptcies in the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division. If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Orlando, please call our office and speak with the bankruptcy paralegal. Learn more about bankruptcy from one of the topics below.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy, who is it for, and what are the procedures?

Bankruptcy Procedures: A general explanation of what happens after your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is filed with the Court.

Dealing with Creditors: Learn about how to deal with creditors with unfair debt collection practices and repairing your credit score.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Chapter 11 bankruptcy is filed primarily to reorganize an operating business. A typical Chapter 11 business debtor is one that is generating money but is in financial distress because of bad management decisions including decisions to incur debt payments above net operating revenues.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 bankruptcy, often referred to as a “wage earner” bankruptcy, is a court-supervised payment plan where you pay your secured and unsecured creditors monthly based upon your income and reasonable expenses.

Bankruptcy Topics: Bankruptcy is a complex area of law, and filing bankruptcy is more complicated than simply filling out bankruptcy forms. There are some areas of bankruptcy law that are most frequently the subject of debtor questions.

Bankruptcy Mistakes: Don’t make these mistakes when considering whether or not you file bankruptcy or when you are preparing to file bankruptcy.

Moral Issues: Why you shouldn’t feel bad about having to file bankruptcy and not pay your creditors.

Income Taxes: Learn how income tax debts are treated in the bankruptcy process.

Involuntary Bankruptcy: Involuntary bankruptcy is a complex bankruptcy process with many potential pitfalls for creditors.

Attorney’s Fees: What determines how much attorneys charge for bankruptcy? How much should you spend?

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