Asset Protection

We provide asset protection advice and planning to clients in person and by phone. We help people throughout Florida.

During your scheduled appointment, we will discuss which personal and business assets are currently protected from creditors and which are not. We then develop a plan with you to protect any assets that are exposed to creditors.

Finally, we assist clients with implementation of their asset protection plan using trusts, new businesses, and asset titling.


We file bankruptcies in the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division. If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Orlando, please call our office and speak with our bankruptcy paralegal. The purpose of this initial phone consultation with the paralegal is to determine whether or not bankruptcy will help you and whether you are eligible to file either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as to discuss the costs.

Bankruptcy should always be your last option. Often credit problems can be solved more effectively and for less money through asset protection solutions.

Debt and Garnishment Defense

We represent clients who are being sued by a creditor or who are facing collection efforts by a creditor that already has a judgment (such as a garnishment). We help our clients defend against the creditor and settle their overall debt.


We assist our clients with adoptions where one person seeks to adopt a family member, such as a spouse’s child (a stepparent adoption) or a grandchild or niece or nephew (a relative adoption). We also help gay and lesbian married couples navigate through the unique legal challenges they face in family law.


We help landlords in the greater Orlando area recover their residential or commercial property from problem tenants. We also help property owners recover property from unwelcome residents.

Note that we do not represent or advise tenants.

Estate Planning

We help our clients plan how to leave their assets to whom they want, the way they want, and for the least amount of costs and taxes. We also use estate planning as a way to further asset protection objectives.

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