Practice Areas

We help clients throughout Florida with asset protection, offshore planning, estate planning, adoption, and real estate transfers.

We have been helping clients accomplish their legal goals for over 30 years.

All our services are offered virtually. Most services are available on a flat-fee basis.

Florida asset protection attorneys Jon Alper and Gideon Alper, part of Alper Law

Asset Protection

We help clients use legal techniques to make it more difficult for your creditors to collect a judgment. We understand the importance of safeguarding your hard-earned assets against unforeseen legal challenges.

Our attorneys have been recognized as experts in asset protection law by fellow attorneys and local and national media organizations.

Review Your Situation

Asset protection begins with a comprehensive consultation, which we offer by phone, Zoom, or in-office. We will review your specific situation and determine which assets are vulnerable to collection.

Develop a Plan

We’ll explain our recommendations to legally protect any exposed assets. We’ll also compare your options in terms of cost and effectiveness.


Some solutions explained in the planning consultation can be done yourself. We can help you implement the asset protection tools needing professional legal assistance.

Estate Planning

We offer comprehensive estate planning solutions. We’ll help you create tailored wills, trusts, and estate plans, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

We focus on protecting assets and facilitating smooth transitions, regardless of the complexity of your situation.

Initial Consultation

The first step with estate planning is an initial consultation with attorney Jon Alper or Gideon Alper. We’ll explain the different levels of estate planning and decide which documents are right for you.

Planning Meeting

Once you’ve chosen your type of estate plan, we’ll explain the various options for your specific documents.

Document Signing

We’ll draft your estate planning documents according to your specific needs and directions. You can sign your documents remotely or in our office.

Offshore Planning

We offer offshore planning services for clients needing the most sophisticated asset protection. The most common offshore plan involves creating an offshore trust.

Most offshore planning clients form their trust in the Cook Islands jurisdiction, considered by most asset protection attorneys to be the gold standard of protection and trustee service.


The first step in offshore planning estate planning is a comprehensive consultation. We’ll discuss your current and potential legal issues and whether an offshore trust strategy makes sense for you.

Trust Application

We’ll assist in completing all required applications and due diligence documents with an offshore trustee company.

Drafting Trust Agreement

We’ll draft your offshore trust agreement and customize it according to your specific situation. Once signed, you will work directly with the offshore trustee to fund the trust structure.


We provide compassionate and expert legal guidance to navigate the complexities of the family adoption process. We offer support through every step, from legal paperwork to finalizing the adoption, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling experience for all involved.

Our primary focus is stepparent, relative, and adult adoptions.

Initial Consultation

The first step is an initial consultation with attorney Gideon Alper. He’ll review your family situation, the adoption process, and the cost of our representation.

Legal Representation

Mr. Alper will draft all required documents, file the case, and take care of scheduling with the judge’s office. He will then represent you at the final adoption hearing.

Amending the Birth Certificate

After the adoption, we’ll take care of amending the birth certificate, including obtaining the required certified statement from the clerk’s office.

Real Estate

We help clients transfer real property efficiently and inexpensively. We’ll review your existing deed, advise on the best deed for your situation, and record the new deed.

Initial Consultation

The first step is a phone or Zoom consultation with attorney Gideon Alper. He’ll discuss your goals for the deed and ensure we have all the required information to properly draft the deed.

Drafting the Deed

Attorney Alper will draft the deed according to your specific instructions. We will make sure the deed complies with Florida law.


We can record the signed in the county records. We record most deeds electronically using specialized software for a quicker turnaround time.