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Gideon Alper is a Florida adoption attorney and has helped hundreds of clients for over 10 years with adoption and other family matters.

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Steps to Adoption in Florida

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Alper Law has helped hundreds of families with adoption and other family matters. We’ve been in business for over 35 years. If you’re looking to complete an adoption, we can help.

An adoption establishes a parent-child relationship between the adoptive parent and the adoptee. The process begins by filing a petition for adoption and finishes with the entry of a Final Judgment of Adult Adoption.

Our standard fee is $3,000, which includes our legal fee, court costs, the filing fee, and the birth certificate amendment fee.

Typically, the biological parents must consent to the adoption of a minor. However, in some circumstances, the consent of the absent father is not required. For an adult adoption, the consent of the parents is not required.

The adoptee can change their name as part of the adult adoption process.

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