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Our office helps people with family law issues including estate planning and certain forms of adoption.

Estate Planning: There are many aspects of estate planning that are important parts of wealth protection and planning, including wills, trusts, and asset protection.

Living Trusts: A revocable trust (or a “living trust”) is a popular estate planning tool because it provides benefits not available with more traditional will based planning.

Florida Trust Law: Trusts may be an effective asset protection tool when drafted correctly and used in appropriate circumstances.

Wills and Probate: A will is a document where you express your desires concerning the disposition of your property, and probate is the legal process of administering that will.

Estate Tax Basics: The estate tax is imposed on the transfer of certain wealth at death.

Adoption: Adoptions allow one person to become the legal parent of another.

Stepparent Adoption: A stepparent adoption is when one person adopts the child of his or her spouse. Learn more about the procedures and costs of a stepparent adoption.

Relative Adoption: In Florida, relatives have access to a streamlined and cheaper form of adoption. Most often this is when a grandparent wants to adopt a grandchild.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption: Same-sex couples have historically faced unique legal challenges when wanting to both become the parents of their child. Learn more about the up-to-date methods used by same-sex couples in becoming legal parents.

Gay and Lesbian Estate Planning: A comprehensive estate plan lets couples protect each other with or without benefits afforded by marriage.

Readoption: A Florida readoption, otherwise known as Florida recognition of foreign adoption, is usually the last legal step on your adoption journey when adopting internationally.

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