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Asset protection can help protect what you’ve earned from people who get a judgment against you.

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We help protect what you’ve earned.

Since 1990, Alper Law has advised thousands of clients about how to protect their assets from lawsuits and judgments. If you’re worried about losing what you have, let us help.

An asset protection attorney is a lawyer who specializes in helping people protect their savings, earnings, and income from judgment creditors. In Florida, the best asset protection attorneys understand the debt collection laws that creditors use to attack a judgment debtor’s assets, and they are knowledgeable about Florida’s constitutional and statutory exemption laws.

Asset protection is the process of arranging asset ownership in a manner that places assets beyond the reach of judgment creditors. A Florida asset protection attorney will design your customized asset protection plan that takes advantage of Florida asset protection law for your unique circumstances. The plan design is the most important part of the asset protection process.

A Florida asset protection lawyer must know whether you are a party in civil litigation or have been threatened with litigation. If there is already a money judgment entered against you, the asset protection lawyer must know the judgment’s date, the amount, and the court that entered the judgment. You must also tell the attorney whether the judgment creditor is actively attempting to collect an existing judgment by, for instance, requesting client financial records or scheduling an oral deposition in aid of collection.

An asset protection attorney should provide you with a choice of different asset protection tools to improve your negotiating position with your creditors. Asset protection tools and strategies vary in their degree of complexity, costs, and probable effect.

You, not the attorney, choose which asset protection tools are most appropriate and affordable for your situation. Once you select asset protection tools, you and the asset protection lawyer discuss an implementation plan.

The best trustee companies have internal procedures preventing employees from withdrawing trust funds. The transactions must be approved by a trustee company attorney who reviewed the request. If there are any requests to pay a third party, these transactions receive extra scrutiny.

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