Get a Lady Bird Deed

Choose a time below to schedule a phone or Zoom consultation with attorney Gideon Alper and have your lady bird deed prepared. We help clients throughout Florida. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Discuss your goals.
    We’ll review your existing ownership, make sure the lady bird deed will accomplish your goals, and answer any questions you have.
  • Draft the deed.
    After the consultation, the attorney will draft the lady bird deed with your information and send it to you for review.
  • Record the deed.
    We’ll send you the final version with instructions for recording. Or we can record it for you for $30 more.
Florida asset protection attorneys Jon Alper and Gideon Alper, part of Alper Law

The total cost is $400, which includes:

  • A consultation with the attorney.
  • Preparation of the lady bird deed.

If you’d like us to record the deed, we’ll add $30 plus any recording costs.

Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.