Financial Asset Protection

Effective Florida asset protection can involve financial tools and planning in addition to, or in place of, legal tools. Many financial products provide Florida residents asset protection in additional to financial planning and retirement benefits. Three such important financial tools are leveraged annuities, regular annuities, cash value life insurance, and leveraging business accounts receivable.


Annuities are protected from judgment creditors. There are financial tools that combine asset protection of annuties with sound financial planning. One such tool is annuity arbitrage. Annuity arbitrage is a financing tool which enables older debtors in good... Continue reading

Life Insurance

Cash value life insurance on the life of a Florida debtor is exempt from creditors. Non-recourse life insurance is a creative financial tool which incorporates life insurance policies financed by third-party investors whereby the insured benefits from cost-free,... Continue reading

Leveraged Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable are often a business’s largest liquid asset and are also an attractive target of creditors of either the business or its individual owner. A creditor can garnish accounts receivable before they are paid or the creditor can wait until... Continue reading

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