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Office Telephone Number: 407-444-0404
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Email Questions: I respond to some emails with general questions about information on this website as my time permits.  I do not  provide legal advice to people who are not clients, and until you have paid me legal fees you are not my client.

Asset Protection Services: I provide additional asset protection  advice to clients for a fee either in my office,  by telephone, or Skype video at  scheduled appointments.

  •  When you first call I will speak with you very briefly ( five minutes)  to inquire about your situation and make sure I can help you protect assets.
  •  However, just as a doctor cannot diagnose illness and prescribe medicine over the phone, I cannot give you reliable asset protection advice until we have an initial paid appointment to discuss the facts of your case in detail.
  •  Our initial appointment, conducted in person, by telephone or by Skype video, is designed to provide you a “road map” toward protecting your assets.  I explain which of your personal and business assets are currently protected from creditors, which assets are not protected, and I will give you a road map to better protect those assets not currently protected.
  • Because of Florida’s asset protection laws are favorable to debtors most  asset protection plans are neither complex nor expensive. I always try to provide clients with the simplest, cost efficient asset protection solutions.
  • Most of my legal services including the “road map” design is provided for flat fees quoted in advance.

Bankruptcy Services : I file bankruptcies in the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division which serves all of Central Florida . I also provide pre-bankruptcy planning and bankruptcy consulting for clients throughout Florida.  If are  considering filing bankruptcy in Orlando, Florida, please call my office for an initial phone consultation.  The purpose of this initial phone consultation is to determine whether or not bankruptcy will help you, whether you are eligible to file either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and to discuss legal fees.

Many times I find that I can solve credit problems more effectively and for less money through asset protection solutions rather than bankruptcy. If you want to to evaluate whether bankruptcy is your best option, you can schedule an appointment in person or by phone.

Appointments: If you are seeking legal advice about your particular situation, you should contact my office at 407-444-0404 to make an appointment.  I do not schedule appointments by email exchanges.

DisclaimerI do not provide legal advice to website readers.  If you send me an email and you are not a client (see above) your email will not create an attorney-client relationship and neither your email nor my reply will be privileged or confidential communication. The information on this website is not all you need to know about the subject matter. If you think you can rely on this website to figure out answers to your personal legal problems and issues, you are making a big mistake. Use common sense- if you have a legal question or problem hire an attorney.

Jon Alper

About Jon Alper

Jon is an attorney focusing on bankruptcy and asset protection in Orlando, Florida.