Jon Alper
Northwestern University, BA, 1970

Harvard University, MA, 1973

University of Florida, JD (with honors), 1975

Personal Statement

My law practice and law office are unique. My family and I live in the Heathrow Woods subdivision located close to Interstate 4, Orlando’s main traffic artery. In 1991, I built a small building next to our home which I use exclusively for my law office. I don’t commute and I don’t wear a suit and tie to work. Most attorneys I know told me that a law office next to my house would not work, but they were very wrong.

My office address is 274 Kipling Court, Heathrow, Florida 32746, and because my office is next to my home, appointments are required. My staff includes Jackie, my paralegal, and my “office dog”, Tanqueray. Jackie has over 30 years experience as a legal secretary/paralegal and is a Florida Registered Paralegal. She has worked for me for over 17 years.  Tanquery has been with the firm since 2010

My law practice focuses on asset protection and related areas such as bankruptcy, business planning, estate planning, and real estate investments. Most of my clients are concerned about problems with their creditors, potential lawsuits, frivolous claims, and how an arbitrary judge or jury could affect their family’s future. I find this work interesting and challenging because it requires knowledge and integration of several different areas of the law including creditor rights, bankruptcy law, general corporate law, estate planning, and taxation. I feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I assist my clients in protecting themselves against their adversaries and by easing their legal worries. I personally provide all my legal service and advice to my clients. I do not delegate any client or project to an inexperienced law associate who is under pressure to bill legal hours at your expense. I provide most legal services on a fixed-fee basis so clients know in advance the cost of accomplishing their goals. The most rewarding aspect of being an attorney is my clients’ appreciation and satisfaction. I am not engaged in any business other than being a lawyer. I do not sell investments or insurance. I do not sell my own books and tapes, and I do not provide seminars where I attempt to sell you packaged asset protection programs.

I welcome general questions about asset protection material published on this website. I try to answer as many of your general questions as time permits. Please read the Contact page on the website before you send me a general question by e-mail. The Contact page explains my policies and procedures about providing answers and legal advice.

Jon Alper

About Jon Alper

Jon is an attorney focusing on bankruptcy and asset protection in Orlando, Florida.