Gay adoption in Orlando, or when a same-sex couple adopts a child, can be done through either an adoption agency or as a private adoption. Please also review our answers to many questions about gay adoption in Florida, including stepparent adoptions.

First, let’s look at Orlando gay adoption set up through an agency. Public agency adoption in Orlando is the process of adopting through Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). A single LGBT person hoping to adopt a child must understand that DCF prefers placing children with married couples than with single people, whether or not they are gay or lesbian.

Orlando gay adoption attorneyAs an alternative, you could do a private adoption. Private adoptions are more expensive than agency adoptions, costing several thousand dollars, especially when using a private agency. Private adoptions mean finding a specific child through a contact or through an intermediary such as your lawyer.  In a private adoption, you should be prepared to pay for the biological mother’s medical fees and legal fees.

Either way, both DCF and private agencies will require a home study before finalizing the adoption.  Private adoptions also require a Florida agency to approve same-sex adoptions. The judge will then approve the adoption based on the county worker’s evaluation.

Not every option is the same, and different ones make better sense for different same-sex families. You can also look into adopting from out-of-state. There are other legal issues to consider, such as making sure both same-sex parents have full legal and custodial rights to the child.

As of January 2015, either through a private adoption or a public agency adoption, gay and lesbian couples can adopt singly or jointly.

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Last updated on May 31, 2020

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