Asset Protection Basics

Asset protection is a process of protecting estate assets against attack by creditors. A well-designed asset protection plan builds a protective fort around the client’s estate and guards family wealth from external creditor attack. Asset protection works best if the asset protection plan contains multiple layers of protection so that even if a creditor can defeat one protective device, there are other impediments to the creditor’s attack which surround the family’s nest egg. Asset protection is, therefore, a fundamental building block of estate planning.

Anyone who is concerned about their contractual liabilities or being named as a defendant in a civil dispute needs an asset protection plan. Reading information on this website will help you avoid costly asset protection mistakes.

Who Needs Asset Protection?

Everyone who has been fortunate enough to accumulate assets in today's economy needs some form of asset protection. In the United States there are more than one million lawyers, each with a license to file lawsuits against deep-pocket defendants by paying... Continue reading

Does Asset Protection Work?

Many people question whether even the most complicated and sophisticated asset protection plan actually defeats creditor’s claims, especially where the asset protection plan is designed and implemented close to a judgment being entered or a lawsuit being... Continue reading

Mistakes in Asset Protection Planning

<img class="mceItemMedia mceItemFlash" src="" width="640" height="360" data-mce-json="{'video':{},'params':{'allowfullscreen':'true','allowscriptaccess':'always','src':';force_embed=1&amp;;show_title=0&amp;show_byline=0&amp;show_portrait=0&amp;color=00adef&amp;fullscreen=1&amp;autoplay=0&amp;loop=0'}}"></img> Not... Continue reading

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